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"...We did a phone session and from 3,000 miles away she was somehow able to tune right into me and describe everything that was going on under the surface. She pinpointed issues with my family of origin so precisely, it gave me chills. Her insight into my process and patterns of behavior was sharply accurate. She was able to get under the surface of the problems and suggest solutions. Although my solutions don't include any quick fixes, she was able to offer me hope and reveal the grace that exists for me right here and now." Elizabeth, Newton, MA

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"...Amazingly helpful information that I could access right away. I  like her manner of non- judgement, so I felt totally safe having her look at the skeletons in my closet!"  Randall, San Francisco, CA


"Seeing Emily only one time was like a reset for my spirit. I had some really thorny issues I needed to deal with that were holding me back in many areas of my life. She's a true healer. Her psychic reading was right on as far as what was going on with me. What I appreciate the most is how carefully Emily chooses her words to describe what she's seeing in your energy.
Her words are extremely descriptive, non judging and creative with an edge of humor that made me feel comfortable and kept me from taking myself too seriously. The energy healing after the reading made me feel, well....different about myself. Seriously. I left with enough confidence, clarity, strength, and self love to begin to deal with my problems by facing them instead of avoiding them." F.T. San Francisco, CA

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"...I did a reading with her six months ago with the desire of taking up more space in my life. She gave me a reading with plenty of food for thought, followed by a deep healing. As I look back over the past six months, I know that the work we did together helped clear the space for me to become more fully present in my life."  Monica, San Francisco, CA